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​​​​​​​​​Welcome to the Pisgah Lutheran Church
"...with a vision of ministry that extends beyond our community to all people."


"Piz'-gah" is a Hebrew word which means "top" or "head". On Mt. Pisgah, a mountain in the Holy Land, there is a spring that provides refreshment and renewal for travelers. Pisgah was the peak from which Moses viewed the promised land. Pisgah Evangelical Lutheran Church offers refreshment and renewal through Word and Sacrament for all who seek the Lord.

Weekly Service Schedule

​Worship Service / Holy Communion 8:30 & 10:45 am
​Sunday School​9:40 am
​Bible Study (Large Conference Room)10:00 am
​Men's Bible Study (Large Conference)8:00 am​

Weekly Word

"We have the same spirit of faith that is in . . . scripture – 'I believed, and so I spoke' – we also believe, and so we speak." (2 Corinthians 4.13)

Every believer is a missionary. Yes, of course, let your actions speak. But please use your words too!  Do you say with Paul, "I believe, and so I speak"?  Or are you more likely to live this parody:

                               I love to tell the story; on Sundays I will sing

                               of Jesus and his glory – but see what Monday brings!

                               I just can't tell the story although I know it's true.

                               I'm not about to share it – it's nothing I would do.

                               I'd love to tell the story when I'm in heaven's glory,

                               but now I'll tell no story. I'm shy about God's love.

​Dear God, you love us so completely and unconditionally; you make our lives new. Give us the courage to share that wonder with others.  Amen.